Sounds of Creation

All of creation has a rhythm, a vibration, a pulse, a tone.  These rhythms, vibrations, pulses, and tones are all flowing within and around each other, creating never-ending and ever-changing patterns of sound. The sounds of creation are constantly vibrating, resonating, penetrating, reflecting, re-forming and re-shaping, acting like spiritual sonar - gathering and bringing thought into form.

Think about it for a moment....

I believe the first vibration to echo out across the formless void was love. "Let there be" came vibrating from the source of all that was, is, and ever will be, calling creation into being. I see creation in terms of music - rhythmic, dynamic, and harmonious. From the rhythm of the ocean waves to the beating of your very own's all sourced from and reflecting the creative vibrations and rhythms of God.

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