Yesterday is no more, tomorrow never comes, and every moment is now. Illusion never wins, let go of what you know, life is here to be found...(Lyrics from "Awakenings")

Linda Sylvester - Biography

Linda Sylvester - Bio

Instrument, singer, songwriter, artist, lover of Life, seeker of truth, spirit, mother, and friend...that pretty much describes who I am. I love. I praise. I give. I am thankful.

Music has always been a part of my life. As a child I was drawn to the rhythms and sounds of nature. Waves crashing on the beach shore like a tympani drum. Wind whistling through leaves. Rhythmic raindrops tapping on a tin roof and birds chirping their melodies into the breeze…these were all sounds that drew my attention, that were musical and connected with me in an unspoken way.

As a young adult, I started singing and writing songs, functioning in various groups as a female lead vocalist and songwriter. Eventually, new doors of opportunity opened and with that came the birth of my solo career.  In 2008 I started working on a music project that had been developing in her heart and mind for a long time. Two years later my solo album entitled "AWAKENINGS" was born.  It was a turning point and opened the door to the never-ending and ever-changing patterns of notes, rhythms, harmonies and colors found in the world in which I live.

I now create, record, produce, perform and distribute original music designed to stir the soul and awaken the spirit to the endless possibilities of life. I also write, record, and license songs for commercial use.  In addition, I perform with local bands and other musicians as scheduling permits. My next album, entitled KALEIDOSCOPE is in development.  I can't wait to share the new songs and new sounds with you.  What an honor it is to be able to reach in and touch the heart of another through music.  God is good.