Collaboration Project

Calling all musicians, singers, songwriters, and any other interested parties! 
Be a part of the collaboration project!

On this page you will find song samples, lyrics, and other information on song ideas that have come through Linda.  Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to take this information and make the song your own.  Sing it your way, in your key and your own arrangement.  Have fun with it and see what develops from inside you.  E-mail your version in mp3 format or via You Tube video link to and your version will be posted on this page for all to hear and enjoy!  Looking forward to hearing your creations! 

There are only three rules:
1. Do not change the lyrics in any way
2. Linda Sylvester retains copyright on all lyrics.  Make sure you credit (c) Linda Sylvester on your song version and any registered works.  Linda is registered with ASCAP. 
3. Have fun!!!!

The Way You Love

"The Way You Love"
(c) Linda Sylvester 2011

This is a song I wrote and recorded this year.  My version is an acappella version.  I did not use any instruments, opting to make all sounds with my voice and body.  Click the links below for lyric information and to hear my unmastered recorded version.  If you have questions or need additional information email  Have fun and enjoy the music!