Maybe we can live, Maybe we can move ahead, Maybe we can love, if we just let go... Maybe we can give, Maybe we can be more than this, Maybe we can reach, if we just let go...(Lyrics from "Maybe (If We Just Let Go")

Linda's Blog


What are you reflecting? What you see around you is a reflection of what is inside you. Change your perceptions and your thoughts and watch the world around you reflect those changes. Want to see the world lifted? Lift yourself first. Lift your ways of thinking. Lift your perceptions and adjust your thought patterns to a higher way of life. Everything around you will come up to meet you or dissipate into the nothingness that it really was. Start a chain reaction. It is time.

New Year 

Have a safe and happy new year! Find the good, the abundance, and the blessings in the new year and live in those things. It does not matter what the world is presenting to you...hidden treasures of life are everywhere just waiting to be discovered by you and me.

Presidents Will Come and Go 

Presidents will come and go, but God is still God and is still my source for all things. "If My people, called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face...I will heal their land."

We are a nation founded on God and the idea freedom, yet we worship and serve the nothingness of this world. The latest trend, our own concepts and desires, etc. We want what we want...never mind what God's plans might be.

Time to wake up and refocus, people.

Hold life in a higher standard. Respect, honor and love your creator, your fellow man, and yourself. It all comes from the same source. Stay connected to God in whatever way works for you. Change has to start from within. Be the change.

Complaining does nothing but create an atmosphere that hinders change.


Throughout life people will intentionally be placed across your path.  Some people you encounter will only pass through.  Others will be woven into the tapestry of your existence.  Both have value and purpose.

You will be loved and despised.  You will teach and be taught.  You will be tested and stretched.  Some will welcome you while others may never open themselves up grasp your outstretched hand.  The contents of heaven and earth will pass through you and into those you encounter.  To some you may be a rushing wind that brings release.  To others you may be a flame of fire that consumes or a wave of refreshing water, refreshing a weary traveler. 

You will be molded and shaped to bring forth your purpose in each encounter.  Go with it.  Open yourself to be used freely as an instrument in the hands of our great Creator and watch the world around you unfold in new and wonderful ways.  You may be humbled at times.  The glory of the Lord does not submit to the pride of man. 

You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be willing.  "Here am I Lord, send me..."

The Real You 

You are a spiritual being on a never ending journey having a human experience. The color of your skin or whether you are male or female does not matter. Your body is merely the container through which your spirit moves. God is spirit, you are made in his image, and those who worship him, worship him in spirit and in truth. Be open to experience all life is presenting to you. Don't limit your growth or hinder your purpose by your own thoughts of how you think things should or should not be...your biggest enemy is your own mind...bypass it and you'll get a glimpse into the realities of God...

Loving without limits 

Loving without limits, conditions or boundaries....just simply loving, truthfully and deeply...

Why not try it? 

Life (and the world) would be so incredible if enough of us could do this....


I love to visit this little spot at the beach.  It's quiet.  Solitary.   I often sit on this peaceful and secluded shore and talk with God. When I am there, time stops and the world stands still. The solitude enwraps me like a blanket as I wait for that still small voice to speak to my heart.

One of the most difficult commands we can hear and obey is the command to sit in solitude and wait. It’s a command to let go of all dependency on ourselves and completely trust God, a command to be still and wait for revelation and release to come. Sometimes solitude is required to bring clarity. Sometimes it is only through solitude that the content of our hearts can be revealed to us. Other times the solitude is required to bring transformation and power. So much is learned in the silence, things that cannot be spoken, but are heard and sensed in the deepest parts of us.

We all need times of cleansing and refreshing, a moment where we can get away from the world. A place where we can reconnect with who we are...if we can quiet ourselves enough to be still and listen, we will experience life in new and wonderful ways.

With Love,

Sounds of Creation 

All of creation has a rhythm, a vibration, a pulse, a tone.  These rhythms, vibrations, pulses, and tones are all flowing within and around each other, creating never-ending and ever-changing patterns of sound. The sounds of creation are constantly vibrating, resonating, penetrating, reflecting, re-forming and re-shaping, acting like spiritual sonar - gathering and bringing thought into form.

Think about it for a moment....

I believe the first vibration to echo out across the formless void was love. "Let there be" came vibrating from the source of all that was, is, and ever will be, calling creation into being. I see creation in terms of music - rhythmic, dynamic, and harmonious. From the rhythm of the ocean waves to the beating of your very own's all sourced from and reflecting the creative vibrations and rhythms of God.

Just An Instrument 

I'm just an instrument.  Nothing more, nothing less.  What flows through me, how I am used and perceived is not up to me.  My purpose is to remain open.  To remain empty.  To let the purpose of this life unfold as it will according to God's plans.  To remain peaceful.  To depersonalize.   To both let and let go as necessary.  To love at all times, under all conditions and circumstances. To move as directed, even when it is uncomfortable or unclear.  I may not see the path clearly at times but I must trust the hands that guide this vessel. 

Relaxing Into The Moment 

If I can quiet my mind, let go of all expectations and perceptions, and just relax into the moment with a thankful heart for all things, I can see and experience life in a completely different way. Not an easy thing to do, but I am learning that the more you practice, the easier it is our own thoughts, expectations and perceptions that cause the most chaos in our lives.