The world revolves while we evolve from where we are to what we can be, the world's a stage where dreamers play, hiding themselves in a masquerade. In the space between...what is and what could be...(Lyrics from "Picture Of A Dream")


There comes a turning point in life where we begin to touch a reality that we have yet to experience.  Secret truths and hidden things suddenly come into view.  Fragments are pieced together.  Lies are chiseled away to expose the truth that is within.  We awaken out of our dream state into a reality that fills every aspect of our being.  We awaken to who we are.  We awaken to what is real.  We awaken to a brand new day. 

AWAKENINGS is a collection of original songs about love, letting go, forgiveness, growth, reality, illusion, and life - all experiences leading to an "awakening" to what is real, what is important, and what remains.  Here are my awakenings...