Painted landscapes and sacred baths cannot contain this beauty. Rivers flowing forevermore through this never-ending journey. Overwhelming it is to me. Wonderful it is to be, in this place...(Lyrics from "Sunrise")

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Ways you can share the love and help expand the music outreach:

*  Tell others about the music and share the web link:
*  Purchase an album for yourself and one for a friend or family member
* Share the music and its message with those who need an uplifting, positive touch in their lives
* Request airplay for songs from the AWAKENINGS album at your local radio station
* Send a CD to a soldier
* Business owners - Consider selling the AWAKENINGS album in your store and receive a portion of each sale
* Church Groups/Schools/Organizations - Consider utilizing the AWAKENINGS CD as a fundraiser item and split the proceeds of each CD sold
* Partner with Linda to bring the music to those in hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities
* Share the music with children.  The message will serve them well as they journey through life
* Donate to Linda Sylvester Music and help cover studio, recording, mastering, duplication, equipment, travel, marketing, and mailing expenses
* Enter your own expansion ideas here.......the possibilities are endless......